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About Landmark Theatres

Landmark Theatres is a recognized leader in the industry for providing its customers consistently diverse and entertaining film products in a sophisticated adult-oriented atmosphere. Theatres showcase a wide variety of films—ranging from independent and foreign film to 3-D movies and smart films from Hollywood. Landmark Theatres is the nation’s largest theatre chain dedicated to exhibiting and marketing independent film. Landmark Theatres is the owner of Spectrum 8 Theatres.

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About Landmark Tickets

Admission tickets: $7.50

Physical tickets and e-tickets are valid for any Landmark Theatre including Spectrum 8 Theatres, located at 290 Delaware Avenue, Albany, NY. Please present this ticket at the box office for one (1) admission.

Additional Ticket Details & Disclaimers

Additional service charges apply at select locations. Please ask a theatre manager for details or check the Landmark Theatre website for the surcharge amounts.

Ticket are not valid with other promotions. Not redeemable for cash. No refunds or exchanges. Aficionado Tickets accepted at all Landmark Theatre locations except Greenwood Village in Denver and the Landmark at 57 West in NYC.

Aficionado Tickets are valid for any film presentation except those designated as “Special Engagements.”

Ticket supplies are limited and availability cannot be guaranteed. All sales are final. The PEF Membership Benefits Program cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or expired tickets. No refunds or exchanges, which includes unused tickets or e-tickets.

About e-tickets:

E-tickets will be emailed to you to print out yourself (no physical ticket is mailed).

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email containing your e-ticket which you can then print yourself and take to the venue. E-tickets print on one sheet of paper for each ticket purchased. To prevent e-ticket email delivery issues, please add us to your email address book.

  1. If you plan to purchase for use over a weekend, PEF MBP strongly recommends that you purchase your tickets prior to Friday at 5 p.m. (Allowing for 48-hour delivery is best.)
  2. After Friday at 5 p.m., if you have a problem purchasing your e-tickets, or you do not receive your e-tickets in your inbox, there is no one on staff to assist you until Monday at 9 a.m.
  3. Once your tickets are purchased and sent via email, PEF MBP is no longer in control of your e-ticket delivery and cannot control how long it may take for your e-tickets to arrive in your inbox.
PEF MBP has no control over weekday or weekend weather occurrences that may impact internet connectivity, e-store/website functionality/access, and e-ticket purchase/delivery processes.


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