Albany Park Ride & Fly

About Albany Park Ride & Fly

Albany Park Ride & Fly offers travelers premium valet Albany airport parking. Located just 1 mile from Albany International Airport, with convenient access to I-87 and I-90, the Albany Park Ride & Fly features secure, fenced–in parking, with well-lit lots, as well as indoor parking. The facility also provides 24-hour surveillance. Albany Park Ride & Fly provides luggage assistance and 24/7 airport shuttle service with a curb-to-curb concierge. Take advantage of complimentary battery jumps, tire inflation, and a warmed up car upon your return during the winter months.


  • This benefit is available for PEF members and retirees only. You will be asked to show your PEF Member/Retiree Member ID when presenting your e-tickets for redemption.
  • If you give your tickets to a friend or family member to use, and your friend or family member is unable to provide a PEF ID, their e-ticket may not be able to be redeemed and they may be denied parking unless they buy their own ticket at full price.
  • Tickets that are given away and not honored due to a violation of the rules, will not be refunded.
  • This parking lot is NOT located at the airport!
About Albany Park Ride & Fly

About Albany Park Ride & Fly Tickets

Do not make a reservation, you are guaranteed a spot when you redeem tickets purchased through PEF MBP.

1-day e-tickets: $8

3-day e-tickets: $24

5-day e-tickets: $40

7-day e-tickets: $56

9-day e-tickets: $72

Each day is valid for one 24-hour period. You must print out the e-ticket showing the barcode and present it at the counter when dropping off your vehicle. Copies of your receipt will not be accepted. When redeeming you will be surrendering your e-ticket, therefore, if you turn in a 7-Day e-ticket and you only use 6 days, you will not receive credit for the remaining day. Keep that in mind when purchasing your e-tickets.

Additional Ticket Details & Disclaimers

About e-tickets:

E-tickets will be emailed to you to print out yourself (no physical ticket is mailed). Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email containing your e-ticket which you can then print yourself and take to the venue. E-tickets print on one sheet of paper for each ticket purchased. To prevent e-ticket email delivery issues, please add to your email address book.
  1. If you plan to purchase for use over a weekend, PEF MBP recommends that you purchase your tickets prior to Wednesday at 5 p.m. (Allow for 48-hour delivery.)
  2. After Friday at 5 p.m., there is no one on staff to assist you until Monday at 9 a.m.
  3. Once your tickets are purchased and sent via email, PEF MBP is no longer in control of your e-ticket delivery and cannot control how long it may take for your e-tickets to arrive in your inbox.
PEF MBP has no control over weekday or weekend weather occurrences that may impact internet connectivity, e-store/website functionality/access, and e-ticket purchase/delivery processes. E-ticket FAQs

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