I Deserve Better! by Teryn Roberts

Meet the Author

Meet the author of the newly released book, I Deserve Better! which has quickly earned it’s #1 spot on Amazon’s New Release list. When asked what her motivation for writing is, she’d say without hesitation, “I want to help heal little broken hearts.” Children with an absent or inconsistent father or mother endure an emotional roller coaster. Roberts’ new picture book is designed for children along with parents, teachers, and therapists to start a conversation that lets them handle these difficult emotions and emerge with greater understanding, resilience, confidence and self-love. The book is a quick read. Still, it has proven to be poignant with both children and adult readers. Join Roberts for a reading and book signing:

March 16, 2024
10 a.m.–Noon
at the Albany Public Library
Howe Branch, 105 Schuyler St., Albany, NY 12202

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About the book:

I Deserve Better! is a simple yet profound story for children ages 5-9, told in the voice of Jay, a 6-year-old Black boy. After a call from his father saying that he is coming to pick him up, the boy is happy and excited. But as time lapses, it dawns on him that his father is not coming. His mom tries to cheer him up with pizza and a movie, but Jay is still sad, wondering what is wrong with him and why his father doesn’t want him. The turning point occurs when his mother positions him in front of the mirror and  guides him through a series of affirmations that restore his naturally ebullient spirit. 

I Deserve Better! is available on Amazon