Debt Management & Financial Wellness

Webinar Available for On-Demand Viewing

Debt Management & Financial Wellness

Presented by Cambridge Credit Counseling, provider of the Credit Credit Counseling, Student Loan Counseling & Debt Management Program benefit
Presenter: Gordon Oliver

How Financial Wellness Helps to Eliminate Debt

With interest rates still rising and inflation pushing consumer budgets to the edge, now is the time to get control of your finances. Take advantage of this on-demand recording where you’ll be able to gather important information about several key financial wellness topics, including:

  • Understanding FICO scoring to help you improve your credit more efficiently
  • What you need to know about student loans and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness option for PEF members
  • How to prepare effective budgets
  • Protecting yourself by detecting and resolving identity theft and scams that cost you money
  • How valuable counseling and mortgage-ready programs available through Cambridge Credit Counseling can help you

The objective of this recording is to raise your awareness of important financial wellness topics and services designed to help you, your family, and friends work toward a debt-free life!

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