Dansko Footwear

As an active, dues-paying PEF member or retiree, you can take advantage of discounts on Dansko Footwear, through our affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

About Dansko Footwear

A favorite among healthcare workers, educators, and anyone who spends all day on their feet, Dansko’s iconic Professional clog launched a comfort revolution. Unique comfort features include a roomy toe box with plenty of “wiggle room” for your toes, a contoured foot bed to support your arch and match the natural shape of your foot, and a rocker bottom that reduces fatigue and assists with forward motion while walking.

Taking inspiration from the classic Professional, Dansko has evolved and adapted that comfort DNA from the Professional clog and applied it to a wide variety of footwear providing the ultimate in all-day comfort for virtually any occasion.

Dansko makes shoes that are simply good for your feet—all day, every day.

About the Dansko Footwear offer through AFT:

  • Shop online for Dankso Footwear and receive a 25% discount on Dansko shoes.
  • This benefit offer is only valid if you, first register to take advantage of the benefits, or if you’re already registered.

Follow the steps below to register on the AFT website. You will need:

  • Your AFT ID/Member Number: NY462720569
  • Your Local Union Number:
    • Active members: 04053
    • Retiree members: 4053R
  1. Go to the AFT member login page. (If you are already an AFT member, simply login. If not yet a member, you will need to create an account.)
  2. If you know your AFT Member ID (located on your AFT Membership Card), click on Create an AFT Account and complete the form. Once done, proceed to Step 7 below.
  3. If you do not know your member ID, click on What’s My Member Number. Fill in your Local Union Number (provided above) and your last name.
  4. The system will present you with possible matches. If you see your email on the list, click on your email and the system will automatically send your Member ID to your email.
  5. If you do not see your email address on the list, send a message to AFT membership and request your ID, or complete the online form.
  6. Once you receive your Member ID, go back to the Registration login page to create your account. It is recommended that you use your personal email to register.
  7. After registering, login on the login page.
  8. Take advantage of the offer through the AFT website.

To print out the step-by-step instructions above, download the How to Register PDF below.


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