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Many of us dream to be debt-free at some point in our lives. Being debt-free has many meanings, but for most, it’s more about the freedom of not letting debts control us than it is having no debts at all. The vast majority of people will always carry some debt, such as car loans and mortgages. But imagine paying your basic monthly expenses without having to worry whether you can afford your credit card payments, medical bills, or student loans. Taking control of what you do with your money, being able to build savings, not worrying about how you’ll deal with unexpected expenses—that’s what being debt free is all about. But how do you get there?

Nonprofit debt consolidation is a way to eliminate debt by reducing the interest rate paid on credit cards and lowering monthly payments to an affordable level. The goal is to pay off unsecured debt, primarily credit cards, but might include medical bills and unsecured personal loans—in 3-5 years without having to take out a loan. Agencies that provide this service, give you a free credit counseling session, then offer options on the best way to get rid of debt. The counselors are certified and trained in consumer credit, money management, and budgeting.

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Credit Counseling Through Cambridge Credit Counseling

The PEF Membership Benefits Program makes a Credit Counseling benefit available through Cambridge Credit Counseling. Cambridge is one of the country’s most trusted and experienced non-profit credit consolidation agencies. Their program can help you better understand your debt consolidation needs. They have been assisting individuals like you, eliminate debt for more than 25 years. Their organization features more than 50 nationally certified counselors who will help you determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific debt situation. Cambridge Credit Counseling has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and they are available to help you!

Cambridge Credit Counseling believes that assisting you with financial challenges goes far beyond simply getting you out of debt. You will have access to a wide variety of services, including debt management, student loan counseling, foreclosure intervention, rental counseling, first-time homebuyer courses, bankruptcy counseling, and reverse mortgage counseling. You receive discounts on already low non-profit fees.

  • Financial education resources and credit counseling services are always free
  • Save 10% on all fees when enrolling in the debt management program
  • Save 20% on the student loan document preparation services


All active, dues-paying PEF members, retirees, and family members.

Credit Counseling

When you contact Cambridge Credit Counseling, you’ll participate in a free, one-on-one consultation with one of their certified counselors. During this confidential conversation, you will discuss your financial goals and the circumstances that led to your need for assistance. The counselor will:

  • Understand your unique circumstances and your financial needs
  • Identify your income and all of your expenses
  • Recommend ways to help you create or revise your household budget
  • Advise you about your options, including the services that may be available to assist you

You will receive a customized action plan with recommendations for the most appropriate course of action based on your unique circumstances.

Debt Management

Credit Counselors may recommend you enroll in a Debt Management Plan (DMP). This is not a loan or debt settlement. It is a safe, effective way to responsibly pay off your debts in the shortest time possible. Counselors use existing guidelines from your creditors to establish a plan to lower your total monthly payments to the creditors you include on the program. The plan works because most participating creditors will offer several benefits designed to help you save money while getting out of debt fast. Typical program benefits include:

  • Reduced interest rates, from an average of 22% to as low as 0%
  • Reduced monthly payments generated by interest rate reductions resulting in an average savings of $135 per month
  • Fast debt repayment in an average of just 45 months

Fees for this service are regulated by the state in which you reside, but as a PEF member, retiree, or family member, you receive an additional 10% discount off the rate that will apply.

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To get a free, comprehensive debt consultation with a nationally certified counselor and find out how much you can save on credit card payments:

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About Cambridge Credit Counseling

Cambridge has been helping people achieve financial freedom for 25 years. They offer a suite of services to help with nearly every source of consumer debt. They believe that assisting consumers with financial challenges goes far beyond simply getting them out of debt. Their holistic approach gives people access to a wide variety of services, including debt management, student loan counseling, foreclosure intervention, rental counseling, first-time homebuyer courses, bankruptcy counseling, and reverse mortgage counseling. Cambridge is licensed or approved to conduct business in every state and they have more than 50 nationally certified counselors on staff, most of whom are cross-certified to provide assistance in several areas to meet the needs of consumers. Cambridge is committed to providing the highest level of quality in all aspects of every service they provide and they are committed to helping individuals and families resolve their financial challenges.