PEF MBP Brochures

PEF MBP Brochures for Your Convenience

Download any brochure of your choosing to gather information on existing PEF MBP benefits/programs for yourself or to share with a family member or co-worker/prospective PEF union member.



Assault, Trauma, & Captivity Coverage


Group Term Life

Hospital Indemnity 

Short-Term Disability 

Long-Term Disability 

Mid-Island Mortgage

Pet Insurance

Specified Disease

Insurance from Aflac

Retiree Dental

Retiree Vision Discount Plan

Financial & Legal Services

Credit Counseling & Debt Management

Financial Planning Services

Discharge of Official Weapon Benefit

Justice Center Benefit

Legal Defense Benefit

Voluntary Legal Service Plan

Workers’ Compensation

Education & Training

Defensive Driving Course

Low-Cost College Benefit

Valuable Benefits for Everyday Use


Connect America

Dignity Memorial Funeral Benefit

Trauma Counseling

Water Gap Wellness

General Benefit Directories

Member Benefit Guide

Retiree Benefit Guide

Telephone Directory for PEF Members

New PEF Members

PEF New Member Kit