PEF MBP Brochures

PEF MBP Brochures for Your Convenience

Download any brochure of your choosing to gather information on existing PEF MBP benefits/programs for yourself or to share with a family member or co-worker/prospective PEF union member.



Assault, Trauma, & Captivity Coverage

Auto/Home/Renters Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Pet Insurance

Retiree Dental Insurance

Retiree Vision Discount Plan

Financial & Legal Services

Credit Counseling & Debt Management

Financial Planning Services

Discharge of Official Weapon Benefit

Justice Center Benefit

Legal Defense Benefit

Voluntary Legal Service Plan

Workers’ Compensation

Education & Training

Defensive Driving Course

Low-Cost College Benefit

General Benefit Directories

Member Benefit Guide

Retiree Benefit Guide

Telephone Directory for PEF Members

Entertainment & Everyday Savings


Connect America

Dignity Memorial Funeral Benefit

Mortgage Benefit

Trauma Counseling

New PEF Members

PEF New Member Kit