About PEF Retirees

About PEF Retirees & the PEF Retirees Mission

PEF Retirees

The Public Employees Federation (PEF) Retirees represents over 18,000+ New York State retirees of public service, retirees of non-New York State units represented by PEF, as well as the spouse or domestic partner of a current or deceased retiree member. Many of our retiree members were active PEF union members.

The PEF Retirees is a not-for-profit organization that supports and campaigns for current and future public service retirees and their families. The PEF Retirees advocates for the protection and enhancement of your retirement benefits, including a secure retirement with a secure pension, affordable and quality health insurance, and the preservation of both Social Security and Medicare.

As a public employee, you should never take your benefits for granted. The benefits of retirees are continually scrutinized by the government as they face ongoing budget issues. Your health insurance, social security, and Medicare benefits are always at risk and the best way to ensure that you have those benefits for a lifetime is to join the PEF Retirees. Your membership in the PEF Retirees helps to bring awareness to the ongoing concerns of retirees, ranging from the well-being of retired colleagues, to the protection of pension benefits and health care issues. The PEF Retirees actively lobby for improvements in the pension system, for quality health care benefits, tax liabilities, and other aspects of retirement living via the legislative process. Membership in the PEF Retirees also affords retirees the opportunity to purchase dental and vision plans not generally provided to retirees.

For the PEF Retirees to be effective in their lobbying efforts, they need your continued support through active membership. Protect your life and the valuable benefits you earned from your years of public service—join the PEF Retirees today! Two membership classifications are available to choose from; one for prior active, dues-paying PEF union members, and the second for individuals with no prior dues-paying member participation in PEF.

PEF Retirees mission

  • Provide necessary, high quality membership benefits at the lowest possible cost.
  • Identify critical issues on both the federal and state levels that may impact the pension and health care security of the members.
  • Educate members about critical issues that will enhance their life during retirement.
  • Advocate and lobby on behalf of PEF Retirees for pension, health care, and economic security enhancements.
  • Work for the election of candidates endorsed by PEF and the PEF Retirees and cooperate with the Regional Political Action Committees (PACs) to support local candidates.
  • Coordinate with other organizations throughout New York State to further the goals and objectives of the PEF Retirees.

What you should know

  • The political effectiveness of retirees is potentially enormous because legislators know that mature citizens (and their families) vote. By concentrating their demands through a strong retiree organization, the PEF Retirees can achieve our legislative and benefits goals.
  • Members of the PEF Retirees continually talk to their members of the New York State Assembly and Senate on behalf of retiree issues.
  • The PEF Retirees are part of a coalition of 27 public employee retiree organizations who represent state, county, and municipal public employee retirees.
  • The PEF Retirees make common cause with local and state senior citizen organizations.
  • The PEF Retirees work with the Public Employees Federation and have a representation on the PEF Statewide Political Action Committee.

The PEF Retirees is continually changing, adding to, and improving their benefits program for its members.

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