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Join over 18,000 PEF retirees who take advantage of PEF Retiree benefits and appreciate their advocacy for the rights of retirees. Once you retire, your union—PEF, can no longer advocate or negotiate on your behalf. That is why we encourage you to join PEF Retirees, so you can rest-assured that your hard-earned retiree benefits are protected. Two classifications are available to choose from; one for prior active, dues-paying PEF union members, and the second for individuals with no prior dues-paying member participation in PEF. View the PEF Retiree Benefits overview to see what benefits are available for each member classification.

Join today and receive your first year of membership free!

Receive your first year of membership at no cost to you! All subsequent years, your membership dues are only $36 ($3 per month) annually via automated pension deduction, or $41 annually if paying by check.
When you join PEF Retirees, you have the opportunity to continue to take advantage of the many benefits afforded you through the PEF Membership Benefits Program (PEF MBP). But the value of your membership goes beyond PEF MBP benefits.

As a PEF retiree, you are able to:

  • Attend local Chapter meetings to keep in touch with fellow retirees and remain informed of current news and legislation that affects your retirement benefits.
  • Participate in organizing efforts including phone banking, rally participation, and volunteer activism.
  • Receive monthly digital issues of The Communicator.

Most importantly, you benefit from Statewide Retiree Executive Board lobbying and advocacy efforts for the protection and enhancement of your retirement benefits, including: secure retirement with a secure pension, affordable health insurance, and the preservation of both Social Security and Medicare, just to name a few.

Join PEF Retirees and become a member of an active and growing membership. Unity and strength in numbers will help ensure the quality you all seek in your golden years.

To Join or Renew Membership in PEF Retirees

If you are already a member and have lost or misplaced your membership card, please call PEF Retirees at (800) 342-4306, ext. 288 to receive a new one.

To join PEF retirees, complete the fillable online form and hit the submit button once completed. Be sure to check off the pension deduction authorization to allow for automatic payment of your yearly dues of $3 per month.

Join Now

To renew your membership or to enroll by mail, whether selecting pension deduction or to pay by check, use the appropriate enrollment form buttons below and mail your form (along with your check if applicable). If you do not have access to a printer, please call PEF Retirees at (800) 342-4306, ext. 288, to request an enrollment or renewal form to be mailed to you.

Complete the appropriate form below (for both pension deduction or payment by check) and mail to:

NYS PEF Retirees
PO Box 12414
Albany, NY 12214-5547