Retiree Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance for Retiring State Employees

As a state employee, the dental plan you may be receiving today, is not part of your health insurance and does not automatically continue when you retire. As you prepare to retire, you must decide what dental coverage you will select for your retirement coverage. You have the opportunity to continue your COBRA coverage, however, once that coverage ends, you have two choices, Emblem Heath Direct Payment Plan, or Sun Life Dental through PEF Retirees.

The Sun Life Financial Dental Plan

As a PEF Retiree member, you may choose to participate in dental coverage through Sun Life Financial. If you are a state employee, you must first join the PEF Retirees by completing a PEF Retiree enrollment form. An enrollment form, plan overview, and dental plan provider comparison chart are available below for your use.

PEF Retiree Sun Life Financial Dental Plan Dental Plan Comparison Chart PEF Retiree Enrollment Form

Information on COBRA & Emblem Health

Important Notice: PEF, PEF Retirees, and PEF MBP are not responsible for administering COBRA nor Emblem Health Dental Coverage. Please direct all your questions to the appropriate provider.


  • If you receive your dental plan through the state, your dental plan will end 28 days after the last day of the last payroll period in which you worked.
  • COBRA information will be mailed to you directly, once you come off payroll.
  • If you retire prior to the age of 65, your COBRA plan continues for 36 months or until age 65 (whichever comes first).
    • At the end of the 36 months, you must be allowed to convert to a direct-pay conversion contract with Emblem Health Retiree Preferred Plan (formerly GHI) or enroll in the PEF Retirees dental plan.

For information on COBRA, contact NYS Civil Service at (800) 833-4344.

Emblem Health Retiree Preferred Plan

For information on the Direct Payment Plan through Emblem Health Retiree Preferred Plan, contact (800) 947-0101.