COVID-19: It’s Impact on Your Personal Finance

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COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Economy and Your Personal Finances

Presented by Stacey Braun Associates, Inc., provider of the Financial Planning & Credit Counseling benefit
Presenter: Gerry McGahran

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted everyone in many different ways. One primary concern of many is how COVID-19 has impacted the U.S. economy and one’s personal finances. Through the news, you have probably heard about new initiatives to help those who are most at risk and are most vulnerable. But how do you keep track of what applies to you and your situation? This webinar highlights the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and how it impacts your personal finances with respect to economic relief rebates, using your retirement plan during these difficult times, understanding unemployment eligibility and benefits, and knowing when to file your 2019 income taxes. Other important topics that may impact your personal situation include: addressing student loan and mortgage payments during these difficult times, budgeting, investments, and other financial recommendations to help you keep your personal finances in order. (57 minutes)
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