Debt Management: How to Get it Under Control

Webinar Available for On-Demand Viewing

Debt Management: How to Get it Under Control

Presented by Stacey Braun Associates, Inc., provider of the Financial Planning & Credit Counseling benefit
Presenters: Paul Kiley 
and Gerry McGahran

An important step on the road toward financial security is debt management. No matter how much money you earn or save, if you fail to manage your debts you’ll never be financially secure.

Sometimes, however, people need some help in managing their debts. One way to get this assistance is by meeting with a financial planner. The journey to becoming debt-free can be hard, so why walk it alone?

Listen to the on-demand recording which includes valuable information and education regarding personal household debt management. It is more important than ever to understand how spending and saving habits can affect current and future financial security. Whether you are in debt or you are working hard to stay out of debt, this presentation will offer insight on how to:

  • Identify, manage, and reduce debt, whether from credit cards, student loans, or other sources
  • Track spending
  • Differentiate between wants and needs
  • Build a sustainable budget
  • Strategize for tough economic times
  • Make little changes that save money over time and help with overall debt management and financial control

Learn from experts on how you can better manage debt. If you like what you learn from this webinar, take advantage of your one-hour, free, annual personal financial consultation available to PEF members and retirees. The PEF MBP Financial Planning & Credit Counseling benefit can help every member and it’s just a phone call away.

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