Elder Law Planning

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Elder Law Planning

Presented by Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C., provider of the Voluntary Legal Service Plan benefit
Presenter: Steve Kramer

Elder law planning is concerned with ensuring that seniors live long, healthy, and financially secure lives. It usually involves anticipating future medical needs, including long-term care. Elder law attorneys can help you develop a plan to pay for future care while preserving some of your assets for yourself and your family. They can also assist you with qualifying for Medicaid or other benefits to pay for long-term care.

It is essential to begin looking into elder law planning sooner rather than later. Waiting until a crisis strikes to make financial, healthcare, or personal preparations can mean that there will be fewer options and remedies available. Elder law planning is designed to shield or protect a family’s assets from the high cost of nursing home care. Seniors between the ages of 65 and 70 should start the process as the benefit of time is on their side—time to establish the elder law plan and let the statutory 5-year look-back period run out. Medicaid laws have made the timing of asset protection strategies a critical issue.

Watch this on-demand recording and learn about:
• Power of Attorney: an important, powerful, and necessary planning tool
• Spousal Refusal: why one should not run out of money caring for an ill spouse
• Homecare Medical: eligibility rules, how to keep your loved one at home
• Income or Pension Trust: how to protect your assets as well as your income
• Veterans Benefits: eligibility requirements
• Trusts: how to protect your most valuable asset—your home
• Current Estate Tax Rules: how to develop an estate plan that will avoid probate

Whether you are planning for yourself or a family member, or simply preparing for the unexpected, Elder Law Planning and Estate Planning are critical steps for securing your future or that of a loved one.

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