Investment Planning

Webinar Available for On-Demand Viewing

Investment Planning

Presented by Stacey Braun Associates, Inc., provider of the Financial Planning benefit
Presenter: David Bonington

Investment planning is the main component of financial planning. It begins with identification of your goals and objectives. Once identified, goals are matched up with your available financial resources. Nowadays there are many investment vehicles to invest in, most common being cash, equities, bonds, and property. View the on-demand recording and:

  • Learn about market volatility and how it impacts investments
  • Become better equipped to build your investment plan that may include stocks, bonds, NYS Deferred Compensation, and more
  • Garner information about the taxation of investments
  • Understand the impact that the SECURE Act has on annual contribution limits, required minimum distributions, and more
  • Learn how a financial roadmap will allow you to plan appropriately and reassess factors that affect current and future returns

Investment planning allows you to create a plan for growing your assets that is comfortable for you. Not only will you feel better about the level of risk associated with the investments you’ve chosen, you’ll also be able to comfortably set aside money for new investments over time, rather than allowing your living expenses to suffer. Smart investment planning will create a way to achieve your financial goals in the future without affecting your quality of life today. Unlike other investment planning seminars, no product or services will be sold. You receive unbiased, objective advice only.

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