Gore’s Scenic Skyrides

793 Peaceful Valley Road, North Creek, NY 12853

(518) 251-2411


About Gore’s Scenic Skyrides

The scenic skyrides are a great way to spend a half hour, or the entire day, at Gore Mountain. Enjoy stunning views of the High Peaks and Southern Adirondacks, and take the opportunity to hike and picnic. Be sure to check out the self-guided interpretive hikes, one in the Base Area and one at the top of Bear Mountain where the gondola unloads and excellent photo opportunities await you! Don’t miss a chance to walk the labyrinth, located where the Alpine Sky Loop interpretive trail intersects Fairview! Ride the enclosed Northwoods Gondola or the open-air Adirondack Express chairlift. Both lifts are planned open for Harvest Fest! Lift schedule is subject to substitution without notice. Refer to GoreMountain.com for updates.

Open fall weekends, until October 11, 2020.

  • Gondola Rides: Thursday & Sunday
  • Chairlift Rides: Friday & Saturday
About Gore’s Scenic Skyrides

Stay Safe. Review operational guidelines.

About Gore’s Scenic Skyrides Tickets

Adult tickets

Tickets are valid for one (1) day for individuals 13-64 years of age. ($22)

Jr./Sr. tickets

Tickets are valid for one (1) day for individuals 7-12 years of age and 65+. ($12)

Children 6 years of age and under are free.

Additional Ticket Details & Disclaimers

Tickets available for purchase through 10/11/20. Tickets valid through 10/11/20. Ticket supplies are limited and availability is not guaranteed. Operating schedules are subject to change at any time. Please check the vendor website for operating schedule. Lift schedule subject to substitution without notice. All sales are final. The PEF Membership Benefits Program cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or expired tickets. No refunds or exchanges, which includes unused e-tickets.

About e-tickets:

E-tickets will be emailed to you to print out yourself (no physical ticket is mailed).

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email containing your e-ticket which you can then print yourself and take to the venue. E-tickets print on one sheet of paper for each ticket purchased. To prevent e-ticket email delivery issues, etickets@pef.org[/disclaimer]

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