Voluntary Legal Service Plan Exclusions

Items Excluded From the Voluntary Legal Service Plan

  • Any legal matter arising outside the continental United States.
  • National Legal Office exclusions including: any case, item, matter, or service that, in the opinion of the National Legal Office and Staff Attorney, cannot be adequately or properly handled by a Staff Attorney exclusively by telephone or United States mail.
  • National Legal Office and Participating Referral Attorney exclusions including: any case, item, matter, or service involving an adversarial relationship between parties or implied parties to the PEF MBP Legal Service Plan Agreement; any matters relating to proprietorship, partnership, or corporations, or any business venture; and fines, court costs, penalties, expert witness fees, telephone, postage, photocopy costs, disbursements, and other related expenses that are not covered by the Plan and must be paid by the covered individual.
[Note: Further exclusions apply. Please refer to the Certificate of Coverage.]