Business Protection Rider

About the Business Protection Rider ($60/yr)


The Business Protection Rider is available to those who have purchased the basic Voluntary Legal Service Plan. The Business Protection Rider may be added at any time by the covered individual however, there is no proration of the additional fee when the Business Protection Rider is added at a later date during the covered individual’s Plan year. The Business Protection Rider provides valuable legal services to individuals who own their own business or rental income property.

[NOTE: Free document review, legal letters, consultation coupons, and telephone calls included with the Voluntary Legal Service Plan do not apply to this rider.].

Business Protection Rider Services & Fees

Business Protection Rider Exclusions

  • Fines, court costs, penalties, Expert Witness fees, disbursements, telephone, postage, photocopying, and other related expenses.
  • Any matter not governed by the law of the United States, the Domiciliary State of covered individual, or a subdivision of said State.
  • Any legal service where the attorney is to be paid by contingent fee (except collection matters which are specifically covered) or where the fee is provided by statute from any fund or where the covered individual’s legal fees are paid or payable by a party other than the covered individual.
  • Any matter where the covered business has a right to defense or other legal representation through any policy of insurance or any other arrangement providing legal services to the covered individual.
  • Preparation, filing, and advice in connection with tax returns and tax matters.
  • Any matter related to federal, state, county, or municipal filings, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, reorganizations, mining, water, purchase or sale of real property, tax matters, immigration, patent, trademark, copyright, Admiralty Law, Federal Employees’ Liability Act, problems relating to the laws of international trade or of a foreign government, and corporate securities work subject to S.E.C. and certain state rules and regulations, pension, and profit sharing.

How to Purchase the Business Protection Rider

You must purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan before you can purchase any one or all of the riders. Or, you may purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan and riders of your choice at the same time.

To purchase the Business Protection Rider by Visa, MasterCard or Discover:

1. Purchase online via the button below:

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2. Or, call (518) 785-1900, ext. 243, option 1, or (800) 767-1840, to purchase by credit card over the phone.

To purchase the Business Protection Rider by check or money order:

Download the form below and mail it along with your payment to:

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