Voluntary Legal Service Plan Terms & Conditions

Plan Terms & Conditions

The Voluntary Legal Service Plan benefits are provided under the following conditions:

  • All requests for legal services in connection with each new legal matter must first be directed to the National Legal Office.
  • All legal services must be for personal benefit as distinguished from business-oriented benefit of the covered individual. (Refer to the Business Protection Rider (pg. 12) for business-oriented matters.)
  • Contract Holder and National Legal Office shall have absolutely no responsibility, liability, or obligation whatsoever in relation to the quality or quantity of legal work performed by Participating Referral Attorney(s) nor in relation to any communication whatsoever between Participating Referral Attorney and covered individual.
  • Participating Referral Attorney’s fees for legal services together with any costs, disbursements, and expenses paid or advanced by the Participating Referral Attorney on behalf of the covered individual, must be paid in full by the covered individual directly to the Referral Attorney.
  • Hourly fees may be imposed for all time that an attorney incurs while representing a covered individual, including: court time, office time, telephone time, travel time, etc. Attorney(s) may require a retainer fee prior to delivering services.
  • Matters wherein the Participating Referral Attorney(s) may bill at their usual and customary rates subject to agreement with the covered individual(s):
    • (a) Any appeal, class action, intervention, and amicus curiae filings, or where the fee is provided by statute from any fund subjudice, or where the covered individual’s attorney’s fees are paid or payable by a party other than the Covered Individual.
    • (b) Except as otherwise set forth in the Legal Benefits Section of this Certificate, any legal matter which, in the opinion of Participating Referral Attorney, is subject to such attorney’s usual and customary client-attorney contingency fee arrangement.