Pet Insurance

Pets are family. Protect them like family with customized affordable pet insurance from Liberty Mutual and the PEF Membership Benefits Program.

Pet insurance can help your pet get the best veterinary care available when they need it, by reducing the financial burden of unexpected medical costs due to illness or injuries. Plus, preventative wellness options could help you stay ahead of any potential issues altogether.

Why Choose Pet Insurance?

Whether you have a pet today or you’re planning to get one, there are several reasons to consider purchasing pet insurance.

  1. One in three pets needs unexpected veterinary care every year.1
  2. The cost of veterinary care has more than doubled in the past decade.2
  3. Every six (6) seconds, a pet parent is handed a bill for more than $3,000.3
  4. Veterinary medicine is advancing with more specialists and treatment options available.

Key Plan Features


Your pet is eligible for enrollment between the age ranges represented below:

  • Dogs: age 8 weeks to 12 years of age
  • Cats: age 8 weeks to 14 years of age
  • Multiple pets


PEF members and retirees are automatically eligible for a group discount of up to 10%. Additional discounts available include:

  • Multi-Pet: 2 pets at 5% and 3+ pets at 10%
  • Multi-Policy: 10%
  • Military: 5%


Reimbursement is based on actual cost of care, not on a usual and customary basis.


  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Breeding/pregnancy
  • Organ & tissue transplants
  • Professional or commercial use
  • Unlawful acts
  • Experimental & investigations


Policies are auto-renewed annually and pre-existing conditions are reviewed at time of the claim.

Choose the Coverage That is Right for You

Liberty Mutual Insurance offers customizable policies so you only pay for what you need. With multiple policy options plus the ability to select reimbursement payout, deductible, and annual maximum for your needs and budget, you can always get the best policy to protect your pet and your wallet. Select from the following coverage options:


  • Accidental injuries (including injuries to permanent teeth)
  • Euthanasia or anesthesia
  • Cremation and burial expenses
  • Ingestion of a foreign object (up to two (2) treatments per policy year)
  • Accidental death

Accident & Illness

Receive everything under the Accident Policy, plus:

  • Illnesses (e.g., cancer, influenza, and kennel cough)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions

Accident, Illness & Wellness

Receive everything covered under the Accident & Illness Policy, plus fixed payment amounts for the following (not subject to deductible and annual maximum):

  • Wellness exams
  • Intestinal deworming
  • Routine dental cleaning
  • Spaying/neutering
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm tests and medication
  • Dietary food and supplements
  • Prescription medications
  • Boosters and vaccinations

Select coverage to meet your needs and budget

With Liberty Mutual Pet Insurance, you have the option to select the right levels for the following items, that help you meet your personal needs and budget:

  • Reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Deductible: $250, $500, or $1,000
  • Annual Maximum: $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000

Why choose Liberty Mutual pet insurance

  • Customized coverage: Customized coverages so you only pay for what you need
  • Flexibility: The flexibility to use any vet
  • Experience: Claims handlers with a wealth of experience
  • Lifetime coverage: Your policy will not be automatically terminated due to old age
  • Customer focus: A simple and easy experience from quote to claim
  • Discounts: Stackable discounts that can save you up to 20%
  • Fees: No monthly transaction or administration fees
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How to Enroll

Visit Liberty Mutual

Or call (844) 250-9199

Once you enroll, you will receive an email confirmation and an invitation to sign up for the online customer portal. The portal allows you to view policy information, submit and track claims, make payments, contact your veterinarian, update your contact information, add a pet, and much more.

Additional Information, Footnotes & Disclaimers

1American Pet Products Association, 2018. 2American Veterinary Medical Association, 2019. 3PetPlan, 2017.
Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, deductibles, benefit limits, and exclusions may apply. For all policy terms, limitations, and conditions, please visit Liberty Mutual. Wellness coverage reimbursements are based on a schedule. Products, rates, and discounts may vary by state and are subject to change.
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