Engagement Tools for PEF Leaders

PEF MBP Engagement Tools to Use With Members & Non-Members

The PEF Membership Benefits Program offers a variety of benefit programs designed to provide value to PEF members and to engage eligible non-members. PEF MBP utilizes a number of marketing tools to keep eligible non-members, PEF members, and PEF retirees informed of new benefits and special offers. As a leader, it’s important that you utilize PEF MBP’s member engagement tools to stay apprised of what PEF MBP has to offer.

Be sure your members utilize these tools as well, to stay informed of new and exciting offerings from PEF MBP.


Order a supply of any of our brochures for display/use at your agency/facility. Or download copies of brochures to print or to save. You may also email the file to members and eligible non-members.

New member enrollment kits

Order a supply of new member kits for your PS&T unit new hires and for use at New Member Orientations.

Digital/Electronic Engagement Opportunities

  • PEF MBP Website—visit the PEF MBP website for the most up-to-date benefit information.
  • PEF MBP Monthly eNewsletter and Promotional Emails—announcing new benefits, new promotional offers, educational seminars, and more—subscribe now.
  • Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn—like us/follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be the first to learn about new benefits and promotional offers, and to take advantage of valuable giveaways!