Aflac Supplemental Insurance

Webinar Available for On-Demand Viewing

Aflac Supplemental Insurance

Presented by Aflac Inc., provider Aflac’s Supplemental Insurance benefit
Presenter: Antonette Wojeski

Learn what Supplemental Insurance can do for your peace of mind. With healthcare costs on the rise, more Americans than ever are seeking an extra financial safety net for unexpected medical expenses.

Listen to the on-demand recording and learn:

  • What supplemental insurance is
  • Why you should consider supplemental insurance
  • What type of supplemental insurance is available to active, dues-paying PEF members, through PEF MBP and Aflac Inc.

Cancer, a critical illness, and even an accident can cost more than your major medical insurance covers and you will have to pay out-of-pocket for those expenses. Supplemental insurance can help to cover what your major medical insurance does not. Don’t miss out!

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