PEF Leaders: MBP Presentation & Table Request Form

PEF Leaders: 2023 MBP Presentation & Table Request Form

If you would like to request that a PEF MBP representative attend an event at your location, please complete this form. We would like a minimum of 30 days notice. When a table/presentation request is made with less than 30 days advance notice, PEF MBP cannot guarantee staff availability.
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(Presentations are not available for picnics or other special events that are not conducive to presentations.)
If requesting a presentation, how much time will our presenter have to speak:
REMINDER: In order to receive a $2 reimbursement per attendee for lunch, a minimum of a 20-30 minute presentation by a staff member is requested by PEF MBP.
Please check the appropriate box below, that reflects your expectations with respect to a scheduled 20–30 minute presentation:
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