About the PEF Membership Benefits Program

Resources for Leaders

As a PEF leader, you are volunteering your valuable time to support PEF members, the PEF Membership Benefits Program, and PEF. In addition, you play an important role in helping to drive continued engagement and enrollment of eligible non-members. The PEF Membership Benefits Program (PEF MBP), is here to support you and ensure your success as a leader. Your time, effort, and continuous support of PEF and PEF MBP is appreciated.

What you should know about the PEF Membership Benefits Program

The PEF Membership Benefits Program is one of the most progressive programs of its kind, offering a wide variety of benefits and discount programs to active, dues-paying PEF members and PEF retirees. What you should know about PEF MBP and share with eligible non-members and PEF members/retirees alike, is that:

  • The PEF Membership Benefits Program is a Trust and a separate entity from the Public Employees Federation.
  • The PEF MBP Trust is governed by a board of five (5) Trustees appointed by the President of PEF. The Trustees are responsible for selecting the benefits and setting policy.
  • The PEF MBP Trustees appoint an Administrator of the Trust who oversees the daily operations.
  • PEF MBP is a self-funded Trust supported by careful investments and administrative fees collected from PEF MBP endorsed insurance plan providers.
  • PEF member dues are never used to fund the operations of the Trust nor any of the benefit offerings.
  • PEF MBP distributes (via mail) a PEF Membership Enrollment Kit to all newly hired PS&T Unit employees, shortly after employees are hired. Sixty days following the kit mailing, PEF MBP also sends a postcard reminder to all new hires encouraging enrollment in PEF and enrollment in the valuable PEF MBP insurance offerings. The PEF Membership Enrollment Kit includes a hard copy PEF Membership Application and Dues Payroll Deduction Authorization form. An online PEF Membership Application form is also available to eligible non-members/new hires.

Membership Identification Cards for PEF members

New PEF members will receive a PEF Membership Identification Card and Membership Identification Number (7-digit number) shortly after their PEF application has been processed (approximately two pay periods/1 month). What you should tell members about their ID card:

  • The card should be stored in a safe place.
  • Only the 7-digit Membership Identification Number (MIN) is required to make purchases in-person at the PEF MBP office, over the phone, or via the web. The card itself, is not needed to make purchases.
  • This 7-digit number is similar to a phone number and can easily be stored in a mobile device for safekeeping and easy reference.
  • Replacement card requests should be made by calling (518) 785-1900, ext. 243, (800) 767-1840, opt. 1, or members can complete the ID Card Replacement Form.

Important phone numbers of value to PEF members

Important phone numbers of value to you and your members can be obtained from our Directory for PEF members that you can download below.